Web Developer Resources

Here is our personal selection of great web developer resources:

  • Trio Dreamweaver Extensions
    One of the oldest web companies providing Dreamweaver Extensions and software for web developers. Some of the features from our site (FAQ, support software and CMS) are built based on software from Trio Solutions.

  • Dreamweaver Templates
    Free and commercial Dreamweaver templates XHTML & CSS validated with PNG sources included and search engine friendly construction.

  • Advanced Calendars
    Advanced Dreamweaver Calendars for both PHP and ASP sites. Event calendars, daily scheduler calendars, reservation calendars and more...

  • Hot Dreamweaver
    All the extensions and tools that you need to build, validate, secure and process web forms can be found on this site, including advanced features like linked fields, calculated fields, Ajax uploads, captcha images...amazing!

  • Web Stats and SEO tools for Dreamweaver
    One of the easiest stats softwares with low server requirements packaged for Dreamweaver and other SEO tools designed to study and improve your web site's traffic.

  • Dreamweaver Flash Music Player
    Professional solution for web mp3 playing with incredible designs, securing the MP3 files even on a public web environment.

  • Sell Downloads
    If you are in the online business, then probably you are interested in selling digital goods. This service allows you to sell files securely with the most popular payment gateways: Paypal and Moneybookers. The big deal with this service is that does not require any programming skill!

  • Dreamweaver Validator
    Save your time! Drive your customers to submit the data without errors avoiding incorrect or incomplete submissions. This validator helps to create powerful form validation rules and restrictions.

  • Form to Excel
    Create forms on your web site using only the time required to put the fields there from Dreamweaver. This extension performs the automatic form processing for you saving the info in a file (CSV-Excel) and sending you a copy of the submitted data to your email.

  • ASP and PHP Captcha
    Stop spam! With a captcha image you can assure that there is a real people filling your forms and stop the automatic submissions forever.

  • Free Dreamweaver Templates
    Download free CSS Dreamweaver templates to jump start your next web project. Templates include pre-sliced and optimized Adobe Fireworks file to make template customization a snap.